de Sitter Supersymmetry Revisited


We present the basic $\mathcal{N} =1$ superconformal field theories in four-dimensional de Sitter space-time, namely the non-abelian super Yang-Mills theory and the chiral multiplet theory with gauge interactions or cubic superpotential. These theories have eight supercharges and are invariant under the full $SO(4,2)$ group of conformal symmetries, which includes the de Sitter isometry group $SO(4,1)$ as a subgroup. The theories are ghost-free and the anti-commutator $\sum_\alpha$ { $Q_\alpha, Q^{\alpha\dagger}$} is positive. SUSY Ward identities uniquely select the Bunch-Davies vacuum state. This vacuum state is invariant under superconformal transformations, despite the fact that de Sitter space has non-zero Hawking temperature. The $\mathcal{N}=1$ theories are classically invariant under the $SU(2,2|1)$ superconformal group, but this symmetry is broken by radiative corrections. However, no such difficulty is expected in the $\mathcal{N}=4$ theory, which is presented in appendix B.