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One of the landmark pursuits of theoretical physics is to quantize the gravitational interaction. String theory provides a perturbative approach, but requires extra particles, symmetries, and spacetime dimensions. Worst of all, string theory fails as a framework in expanding spacetimes—and it just so happens that our universe is expanding at an exponential rate .

Luckily, string theory has led to the development of holographic dualities, such as the AdS/CFT correspondence (learn about it here ), which posits that spacetime physics emerges as a strong-coupling, many-body limit of quantum systems that do not interact gravitationally.

My research aims to understand how spacetime horizon physics is encoded using such dualities, and explore models that incorporate the expansion of spacetime. Some approaches that I have taken in the past include:

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Tarek Anous (طارق عانوس)

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) | UKRI Future Leaders Fellow

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  • School of Mathematical Sciences
    Queen Mary University of London
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